Vintage Inspired Wedding in Southern Germany | Bengü + Florian

27_04_2018 B+F_Wedding-12.jpg

 Bengü and Florian met for the first time at Bengü’s best friend’s wedding. With a long distance relationship between Turkey and Germany pulling them away from each other, it’s no wonder they decided to tie the knot and marry one another in Germany with all of their friends and family. This story touches my heart because I too married a sweet German man. I know the feeling of leaving home to make the giant leap of living in a new country and learning a new language. There is something very special about a wedding like this, it’s a big change for everyone. A day where you get to see all of your favourite people, in one place, all together. This is a rare and beautiful experience that I was honoured to capture. Not to mention the day was filled with surprises! Starting with the incredible VW-Van that picked Bengü up from her home and brought her to the City Hall in Durlach. Bengü wore an incredible vintage inspired wedding dress with a hand-sewn button from her mother. The details were simple and well thought out each perfectly matching their Vintage theme. The day was laced between sunshine and rain showers but we managed to capture their love and the light! We ended the evening at the historical Turmberg lookout with an incredible view of the town. We shared the evening with a few of our favourite furry friends which made the event feel like a great big celebration - it was so much fun! You could really feel the positive vibes and the love their friends and family had for these newly weds.

Take a look at some of my favourite moments:

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Natalie Roessler