Romantic Autumn Wedding in the heart of Kleinberg Village | Jenny + Kenzie

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Jenny + Kenzie’s romantic autumn wedding at The Doctor’s House felt like an honour to document. Jenny and I were old camp friends that recently reconnected with the perks of social media. Some of my most memorable moments from my camp days as a child were shared with her so when she reconnected I was thrilled! Knowing Jenny was such an awesome chic I was very excited to meet the man she was planning on tying the knot with!

Jenny and Kenzie met seven years ago and felt the “love at first sight” feeling , spending weekends forging mushrooms, photographing the nature they see along their hikes, working out at the same gym needless to say they fell in love pretty quickly. Not to mention Kenzie is a reigning beat box champion! Knowing that nature, simplicity and different forms of art would be intertwined throughout their wedding day, I was excited to see what they had in store for their guests.

The Doctor’s house was a beautiful venue with a picturesque white chapel and roof top access to view the beautiful Kleinberg village landscape. They married in October so we were lucky enough to capture the beautiful changing leaves before it got too cold. Jenny and I share a love of nature so finding moments to highlight the beautiful changing trees and outdoor scenery in her stunning wedding dress was a must! Not to mention her breath taking vintage slip she wore when getting ready that looked as if it was custom fit just for her. The day was surrounded by friends and family which included probably the best pastries I’ve ever had. Her cake from Pretty Sweet Bash and Le Chouff french inspired cream puffs- need I say more?! Jenny also had a breath taking bouquet that was designed beautifully by Gatherings Floral Studio. The day was filled with love, tears a little beat boxing not to mention a whole lot of dancing which made for so many beautiful memories.  

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